Only Hoods offers repair, maintenance, replacement, engineering, and inspection services for commercial kitchen hoods. Our services include:

  • Installation: We work with all the major hood manufactures to provide high-efficiency units. Let our team design and build the right kitchen ventilation system to meet the demands of your restaurant needs. From remodel to new construction we got your covered.
  • Maintenance Plans: We provide cleaning and maintenance plans to keep your restaurant’s ventilation system running at peak performance as well provide fire suppression inspections and installations.
  • Repairs: Problems with kitchen hoods can cause building air balance issues resulting in higher energy cost, potentially causing high levels of carbon dioxide to remain in the building resulting in health issues to your customers and employees.   We offer full  replacement services and emergency repair services.*
  • Inspections: We can provide piece of mind by inspecting existing systems to ensure they operate properly and installed meet national fire code safety.
  • Engineering: We can handle all the engineering to comply with state and local building codes.
  • Fire Suppression: We can provide semiannually fire suppression inspection and tagging of the suppression system and fire extinguishers required for insurance compliance.
  • Removal: We can remove old hoods and repair the building back to state and national codes.
  • Cleaning: Call us for details on hood cleaning services


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